6 Ways to Cure Dry Eyes Permanently

Tips to cure dry eyes permanently.

best ways cure dry eyes permanently

Dryness in your eyes is caused by insufficient lubrication. The condition can become chronic if left untreated. Here we look at six ways to cure dry eyes permanently.

1Eat Healthy

The quality of your diet has a direct bearing on the health of your eyes. Poor nutrition can cause multiple eye problems, including dryness. To cure dry eyes for good, make sure you eat at least three healthy meals per day and lots of fruits.

2Avoid Pollution

Exposure to pollution can cause you to rub your eyes, which can damage their tear film. A disturbed tear film makes it easier for pollutants and irritants to enter your eyes and cause dryness. Therefore, protect your eyes from pollution.

3Use Lenses Carefully

Contact lenses soak in the moisture from your eyes, which is why it is not recommended to wear them all the time. If you have dry eyes, minimize the use of contact lenses and whenever you do use them, make sure they are clean.

4Use Artificial Tears

Dry eyes are the result of excessive dryness of your eyes surface. Artificial tears are a great way to deal with this dryness. By using artificial tears (either through eye drops or ointment) a few times a day, you can lubricate the surface of your eyes.

5Hydrate Yourself

Similar to how inadequate or poor nutrition leads to eye dryness, lack of sufficient water in your body causes dry eyes as well. By drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated, you can ensure the fluid in your eyes doesn’t deplete.

6Blink Often

Using digital devices like computers and mobile phones for long periods without a break interferes with your natural blinking action. Blinking your eyes regularly (say, once every 5 seconds) is a great way to lubricate your eyes naturally.


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