Top Reasons to Visit Sardinia

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top reasons to visit sardinia

Sardinia has been nominated amongst the most beautiful islands in the world by several sources. From having some of the best beaches in Italy and Europe to its culinary tradition and wild nature. Sardinia has it all!


Most of the tourists who visit Sardinia do so because of its incredible turquoise and transparent waters. Great for sailing, boat trips, practicing water sports and snorkeling.


The Sardinian cuisine is very varied, from the delicious Seadas to the roasted pork, the well-known wines like Cannonau and Vermentino and the famous “Mirto” and “Fil’e ferru” liquors.


From the typical black dresses used by the widowed women to the religious festivities or “Sagras” and the murales scattered all over the inland villages, traditions are very much alive in Sardinia.


Sardinia also offers a wide variety of hiking trails, the most famous ones being in the Golfo di Orosei area, where the Gennargentu Mountain meets the sea. Wild nature in Sardinia is breathtaking.


Sardinia is famous for its “Nuraghes”, ancient constructions made with huge stones during the Bronze Era that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. A visit to Barumini village is mandatory.


The events in Sardinia space from the modern ones with live music concerts on the beach to the traditional culinary seasonal events and religious processions. The choices are endless!


  • The name of Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina) comes from the Virgin of Bonaria church in Cagliari.
  • Sardinian people don’t have a dialect but a proper language, very similar to Spanish and the Italians don’t understand it!
  • Sardinians have one of the highest percentages of centenarians in the world due to their diet, wine drinking, and a relaxed mindset.
  • The Sardinian “Casu Marzu” cheese is filled with jumping maggots! Now illegal but still available… Only for the braves!


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