Top 6 Places to Visit in New York

Are you planning to visit New York soon? Then this article is for you!

top places to visit in new york

New York is one of the most visited cities in the US. If you are planning to visit New York soon, then you have come to the right place! We have prepared a list of the well – known landmarks in New York. Keep reading! 

1The Statue of Liberty

The iconic landmark of New York – Lady Liberty… Hop on the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty and climb atop the statue’s crown for incredible views over the city. As well as enjoying the magnificent scenery you can also learn about the history of the statue on an audio-guided tour.

2Brooklyn Bridge

The famous Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn Take a stroll over the 1825m bridge to venture into Brooklyn – now one of the hippest parts of New York. The Bridge lights up at night – we recommend a nighttime bus tour of New York to see the City of Lights at its best.


Broadway is the place where dreams come true. Whether you’re a theatre fanatic or a musical novice, you can’t visit New York without taking in a Broadway show. For a truly traditional theatre experience go for a classic such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis or Wicked. If you fancy something a little different you can also check what shows are running off-Broadway.

4Empire State Building

The famed meeting spot from An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and Gossip Girl. The 102-storey skyscraper is the perfect romantic spot to take in sinking views across the city with your loved one. The building is open at 2am, so why not head after midnight to avoid the queues and enjoy a truly magical moment atop the skyscraper. If you’re lucky you might even get it all to yourself.

5Central Park

The world-famous Central Park is 3.41km in size, located in the center of Manhattan. Much more than just a park, the space hosts a zoo, a concert space, a carousel, horse and carriage rides, an ice rink and more. The park also has several cafes and restaurants, but we recommend taking along a picnic and enjoying the scenery in the sunshine.

6Times Square

Times Square is one of the most recognizable New York settings-with its bright lights and buzzing atmosphere, Times Square is the scene of many New York photographs and paintings. Make sure to visit the square to experience the feel of “the city that never sleeps”. Head up to the Kodak Big Screen to see yourself on one of Times Square’s legendary billboards.


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