Top 7 Places to Visit in Barcelona

Top 7 places to visit in Barcelona and detailed information about them.

top places to visit in barcelona

The capital and second-largest city of Spain, Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. If you planning to visit Barcelona, you can find a lot of spectacular places to visit. Here are the most known places in Barcelona.

7La Rambla

A visit to Barcelona isn’t complete without sauntering down the city’s lively La Rambla Street. Centrally located in the heart of Barcelona, La Rumba is a hub of sights to see and things to do. Famous for its human statues and street performers, Las Ramblas, as it’s known locally, it a great spot to pick up a souvenir and soak up the Catalan culture.

6Park Guell

One of the most famous public parks in the world, Barcelona’s Park Guell fuses mosaic architecture and nature to create is a colorful and intriguing dream-like world, with meandering benches and gingerbread-style houses. Catalan architect, Antonio Gaudi really let his imagination loose when designing the park – be sure to get a selfie with the iconic ceramic lizard while you’re there!

5La Sagrada Familia

A magical, symbolic landmark of Catalonia’s capital, La Sagrada Familia is another mesmerizing sight designed by Gaudi. Its kaleidoscopic, stained-glass towers and majestic exterior are picture-perfect. And it’s also worth braving the heights and heading up one of the towers for beautiful panoramas of Barcelona.

4The Magic Fountain

With its magical, rainbow display of music, lights, and water, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is hailed as one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions. The water, lights, and music are choreographed into the most awe-inspiring routine, which is seen by almost 2.5 million people every year.

3Tbidabo Amusement Park

High atop the Tibidabo Mountain sits the exciting Tibidabo Amusement Park. The vintage park is all about the spectacular views, boasting 360-degree panoramas of the colorful Barcelona city. There are rides, shows, street theatre, restaurants and superb picnic snots all throughout the charming theme park grounds.

2Camp Nou Stadium

A must-see for football fans and non-football fans alike. The Camp Nou Experience tour gives you the chance to walk through the most iconic parts of the stadium, seeing the pitch, trophies, photographs, press room, commentary boxes and more!

1Sitges Beach

A small coastal town, Sitges has many glorious, sandy beaches, and each one promises plenty of sun, sand and crystal surf. The town is easily accessible from Barcelona by train and is reachable in just over 30 minutes. After a day of beaching around, the winding streets are replete with bars and restaurants – a great spot to grab some tasty tapas treats!


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