Things to Do in Desert Safari Dubai

If you are planning to a desert safari in Dubai, you have come to the right place!

things to do in desert safari dubai

Dubai is one of the most preferred cities for people who love desert safaris nowadays. We compiled a list of things to do in Dubai while desert safari. From dune bashing to camel riding, all of these activities are for you! Let’s start with the first.

1Dune Bashing

An indispensable segment of a vacation in Dubai is desert safari, and the very core of this pursuit is dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle. With high golden dunes and incredibly stretched sand gorges, you’ll never get jaded of this spine-tingling activity. Moreover, it’s a novel way to enjoy the dramatic desert landscape of Dubai.

2BBQ Dinner

A barbecue dinner that spreads the desert ambiance with the tantalizing aroma of a whole lot of delicacies including roasted kebabs, lamb chops, Shawarma, grilled meat specialties, and steamed vegetables, is usually the climax of an invigorating desert safari.

3Camel Riding

The rhythmic pace of a camel that is often acknowledged as the ‘ship of the desert’, as it tramps across the vast stretches of dunes, will for sure provide you with an unbelievable trekking experience.

4Belly Dance

As the sun sets in the evening in Dubai desert becomes livelier with a variety of entertainment activities. Of high note among these is a traditional belly dance show wherein a beautiful lady performer charms guests with her intricate, hard to imitate belly movements played in accompaniment to incredible Arabian music.

5Henna Designing

Adorning hands and feet using the dried and powdered leaves of Henna plant has been an important part of the Arab tradition since time immemorial. Henna designing is now offered as a part of most desert safari packages. Absolutely natural. Henna will give a reddish color to your hands and feet, and the design mostly lasts for one to two weeks.


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