8 Things About Morocco that You Must Know

Here is a list which includes things you must know about Morocco. Have a good vacation!

things about morocco that you must know

Are you planning to visit Morocco soon? Then you must know some information about this amazing country. We have prepared a list which includes things you must know about Morocco.

1Geographical Miracle

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, Sahara desert and Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a thriving region with varied culture and rich history. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the myriad colors of traditional Arabic culture.

2Foodie’s Paradise

Delectable Mediterranean cuisines which include Beef, Lamb Chicken and Seafood are widely eaten across Morocco. Couscous is the most famous dish in the region. The country also has some exotic spices like Kamoun, Zaatar, Nnafaa, and Qarfa. The food here is a delicious mix of herbs and spices which is appreciated across continents.

3Refreshing Sips of Tea

Maghrebi Mint Tea is a well-known Moroccan beverage across the world and is a specialty of Morocco. It is usually served hot and is prepared by the head of a family. It is a tradition of Moroccan culture to serve tea to all guests and it is impolite to refuse tea.

4Architectural Marvel

The Moorish Architecture is unique, exquisite and extremely beautiful. The architecture has been influenced by indigenous Berber Culture, religious and foreign invasions to have contributed to the development of the architecture over the years. Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech are some of the cities which give a peak of the fine architecture in the country.

5Traveler’s Mecca

Ifrane, Morocco’s Switzerland is a paradise for travelers for it is an affordable and beautiful location. Beach and Kasbah at Agadir, Swany water reserve in Meknes, Koutoubia Mosque and the Marrakech Railway station are some frequently visited spots by tourists.

6Museums Galore

Rabat Archaeological Museum, Marrakech Museum, Forbes Museum of Tangier and the Photography Museum of Marrakech are some must-visit museums in Morocco which are a knowledge hub of the varied and beautiful culture and history of Morocco.

7Train Rides in Morocco

Trains form an important and fun part of traveling in Morocco. Traveling via train offers plenty of sightseeing and they run between cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Res, Rabat, Oujda, Tangier, and Meknes.

8Breathtakingly Beautiful Cities

Morocco is one such country in the world which has some of the most beautiful cities there ever were. Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Merzouga, Fez, and Menknes are some of the visit cities in Morocco. Adding to these, Casablanca is a widely known city which if often.


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