Top Tea-Drinking Countries in the World

Which country consumes the most tea every year? Here is the answer!

top tea-drinking countries

Tea is an indispensable drink for many people. Therefore, it is the second most consumed beverage of the world (number #1 is water). Here is our list of top tea-drinking countries.


Certainly, Turkey is one of the largest tea producing countries in the world. According to research, an average of 16.96lbs of tea is consumed in this country annually. Thus, Turkey is still the most tea consuming country in the world. While tea is considered a cheaper alternative for coffee, it is still considered the most popular hot drink in Turkey.


As early as the 10th century, China has played a significant role in the discovery and popularity of tea. Don’t be surprised to see ubiquitous tea houses because it is known as the home of green, white, black, and flowering tea variants.


Morocco is one of the top tea-drinking countries in the world. Often referred to as Berber whiskey by the locals, Moroccan tea has become an important part of social gatherings. It is brewed and served using green tea powder, mint, and sugar.


Due to its naturally cold climate, Russia has also made it on our list of top tea-drinking countries. It is known for its distinct tea drinking customs where a kettle-liked device called “samovar” is used to brew tea leaves.


Believe it or not, black tea with added milk and spices is consumed by locals in India every day. One of its most popular hill stations, Darjeeling, is a favorite spot for its stunning views of tea gardens.

6Sri Lanka

If you want to taste a vast variety of locally-grown tea, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit. Its popular tea plantations in the highlands of Kandy and Nuwara Ellya showcase fascinating breeds of black and green tea.


In Myanmar, they don’t just drink tea—they eat it. Tea leaf salad is otherwise known as “lahpet” is a mixture of tea fermented leaves, tomatoes; sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, and crunchy beans are also a favorite of its locals.


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