Small Steps to Change Your Eating Habits

Do you want to change your bad eating habits? Then this article is for you!

easy steps to change your eating habits

Most of the people want to change their bad eating habits. But when it comes to achieving this, many people have difficulty. Here are some easy steps to improve your eating habits.

1Eat Your Veggies First

If you load up your plate with only vegetables, you’ll eat more of them than if you put the same amount of veggies on a shared plate with other foods. Try a vegetable or salad starter.

2Dig Meatless Monday

Cutting down on high-fat and/or processed meats (think burgers, bacon, sausage and lunch meat) doesn’t mean going vegetarian. Just spend one day a week eschewing meaty meals and you’ll improve your heart health. Simple.

3Swap in Water Once

Mentally line up the sweet drinks you consume in one day (soda, juice, sweetened tea and coffee drinks). Now think about swapping out just one with water instead. Seems small, but the effect is huge.

4Treat Yourself Wisely

Dabble rather than dive into your fave sweet treat, then wait 15 minutes. Chances are your smaller bite (a square of chocolate, half a cup of ice cream) did the trick for satisfying the craving.

5Plan it Out

When you plot out your meals in advance, you’re less likely to make a poor choice. So if you’re determined to avoid making a midday dash for the burger bar in a fit of hunger, decide midmorning to order a salad for lunch instead.

6Switch Spreads

Ditch the mayo on your sandwich or cream cheese on your bagel for condiments that add a nutrition (and flavor!) boost. Two we love: heart-healthy avocado and protein-packed hummus, both prominent ingredients in a Mediterranean diet.

7Add, Don’t Subtract

Rather than nixing cake and forcing yourself to love kale, find one or two healthy foods you actually like and add them to your weekly intake. Feels less punitive, tastes more delicious.


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