The Most Common Parenting Myths Debunked

Here are the most common parenting myths!

parenting myths debunked

Parenting is one of the most important issues for all the families. If you are curious about parenting myths, you have come to the right place! Here are the most common parenting myths and the truths.

1Parenting Comes Naturally

Many people will tell you that once your baby arrives, you’ll soon start to pick this parenting thing up. But panic quickly starts to set in when you start to realize you don’t know what you’re doing. However, this is completely fine and it’s the same for every new parent. Just know that you will adjust and things will get easier!

2Listening to Classical Music Makes Your Kids Smarter

It’s a nice idea, but ‘the Mozart effect’ is largely untrue. The idea came about from one study which was flimsy at best and no such link has ever been proven since. On the downside, this means it’s back to listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat!

3Children Should Sleep Through the Night by the Time They’re Two or Three

If your child still isn’t sleeping all the way through the night by age three, trust us, you’re not alone. Youngsters all have wildly different sleep patterns and it’s much easier for some than others. The harsh truth is that there are going to be some sleepless nights ahead!

4You Can Spoil Your Child Too Much

Some parents are reluctant to show their child too much love and are told to refrain from comforting them when they cry. However, there’s no evidence to support this and studies have shown that showing your children attention and love actually can make them more independent. One oft-cited study states that “the more certain kids are that someone’s got their back, the more confident and autonomous they can be.”

5The World is A Much More Dangerous Place for Kids These Days

Of course, you should always keep a close eye on your kids, but it’s not a good idea to stop them from spending time playing out with their friends. The facts show that every category of child victimization has fallen significantly since the 1970s, with kids now more likely to be hit by lightning than abducted by a stranger (not very likely at all).

6Only Children Lack Social Skills

Some parents are worried that not having a sibling alongside them will stunt their child’s development. But numerous studies have rejected these claims, showing that many only children grow up to be just as successful as those with brothers or sisters. Many of the skills which it’s claimed only children miss out on, such as sharing, are learned through relationships forged at school or with cousins and children of family friends.

7You Should Always Put Your Children First, Even Before Yourself

While it’s obviously natural to want to prioritise the well-being of your child, it’s important not to do so at your own detriment. You need to put aside some time for yourself to ensure that your child grows up in a happy and loving environment.

8You Should Never Bribe Your Child

Sure, it’s not something we’d encourage doing regularly, but giving your child a little incentive to encourage some kind of healthy behaviour, such as eating their greens, could be the catalyst they need to be swayed in the right direction. If giving them an extra hour on the PlayStation means they wind up loving Brussels sprouts, it might well be worth it in the long run!


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