Top 10 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Here are the top 10 low maintenance haircuts for men!

low maintenance haircuts for men

Still, aren’t you tired of struggling with your hairstyle for hours on end? Then you must definitely read this useful article. Here is our list of top 10 low maintenance hairstyles for men.

1Taper Cut

Taper Haircut is one of the most appealing cuts that suits well for most guys. Classic Taper is a gradual trim that results in shorter sides and back while the top of the head is longer. The tresses are blended in order to create a really smooth and chic hairstyle. It looks good on many face shapes. The hairdo doesn’t require any special styling tricks -just comb it over and be gorgeous!

  • Taper Cut suits best for men who enjoy the classic look. It’s stylish yet appropriate for businessmen.

2Caesar Cut

Caesar hairstyle is a Roman Empire legacy. It’s a very low-maintenance hairdo with short fringe. The haircut suits well for guys with straight tresses. To get this look ask your barber to crop your hair both on the sides and top. Extra short facial stubble will definitely be a great addition to your appearance.

  • Caesar Haircut is the best choice for middle-aged men with a strong sense of style.

3Buzz Haircut

Buzz haircut is one of the most low-maintenance variants for strong and confident men. It doesn’t require any styling at all and always looks gorgeous. The buzz is an extra short haircut: sides, top, and back are cropped so there is only bristle left. Beautiful hairline plays a significant role for the whole look.

  • Buzz hairstyle is perfect for sporty guys who enjoy looking great without special efforts.

4Flat Top Cut

Flat Top is a modern and attractive hairstyle. The tresses should be cut into a box shape so the sides and are short while the top in longer. It’s popular among guys of all ethnicities. Flat Top needs no special styling. It makes the appearance really masculine and stylish.

  • Flat Top hairdo can be sported by strong young men with a confident attitude.

5Slicked Back

This hairstyle looks very gorgeous and is appropriate for special occasions. To get this look you need short sides and a longer top, that should be slicked back. It’s a very low-maintenance hairstyle, however, you need some styling product in order to fix the ‘do.

  • Slicked back look will be a great choice for special events.

6Messy Style

Messy hairstyle is very popular among guys of all ages because it’s very simple and looks phenomenal. Straight or curly, the separate locks should be styled properly in order to get the most attractive appearance. It’s perfect for wearing on a daily basis.

  • Messy Style can be sported by fashionable men of any face shape.

7Man Bun Do

Man Bun is one extremely modern and attractive hairdo. It’s really convenient and low-maintenance hairstyle. You need to have at least medium-length locks in order to create a beautiful bun. The ones that look messy and effortless are the best, for sure!

  • Man Bun is the choice of stylish and fashionable guys that enjoy creative hairstyles.

8Braid Hairdo

Man Braid offers a wide range of up-to-date variants for any guy. However, for this hairdo, you need to grow medium or long locks so it’ll appear really cool. You can decorate the braid with beads or various rubber hair bands. The hairstyle is very convenient and can be worn every day.

  • Braid Hairdo can be worn by artistic men with a unique personal style.

9Surfer Style

Surfer Medium-length Haircut is one of the most attractive. It is low-maintenance and requires only some mousse in order to create a wet hair look. Make sure to separate the locks in order to create a beautiful volume. A little curliness is extremely appealing for this ‘do.

  • Surfer Hairstyle is perfect for relaxed, free-spirited guys who love spending their time actively.

10Short Undercut

Undercut for short hair is one of the most gorgeous looks that a man can have. Both sides and back of the head are cropped and the top is left long. The hairdo gives lots of opportunities because there is plenty variant of the Undercut. Choose the one that suits you the best.

  • The undercut is a great haircut for guys with a strong fashion sense.


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