How to Prevent Dry Skin During the Winter

We have prepared a list of tips to prevent dry skin during the winter.

how to prevent dry skin during the winter

We all have a different skin type. However, skin types can change depending on the season. A common problem that people seem to have is dry, flaky, tight skin during winter. It’s very important that you have a skincare routine ready to combat this. Here are some tips you’ll find useful:

1Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. The sun can be just as harsh in winter and can dry your skin out terribly. Apply sunscreen to exposed areas only 25-30 minutes before leaving the house for the best results.

2Use a New Moisturiser

Depending on the season, our skin will usually need a different moisturiser. In the winter, you may need one that is oil-based rather than water-based to form a protective layer on the skin.

3Find Suitable Winter Products

Suitable winter products include mild “milk” like cleansers, and super hydrating face masks rather than clay masks. Avoid using anything too harsh on the skin.

4Avoid Red Hot Baths

Hot baths are nice after being out in the cold, but these draw the oil out of the skin and leave you feeling dryer than ever. You’re better off using just warm water, and opting for showers over baths. The quicker you can make them, the better.

5Use a Mild Soap

Harsh antibacterial soap can seriously dry out the skin whether you’re bathing or showering. Use a milder soap containing glycerin. Also, use it only in areas that can get extra smelly, like the armpits. You don’t always need to use it anywhere else!

6Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliation will help to get rid of those nasty flaky bits of skin. Try to use a hydrating exfoliator if possible, and don’t over-exfoliate.

7Always Re-Apply Moisturiser After Washing

After showering or washing your hands, always reapply your body, face, and hand moisturiser.

8Don’t Have the Heating on Too High

Overheating your house will take away the humidity and dry you out. Turn the heating down a notch and put on some extra layers instead.

9See a Specialist

If you’re at a loss when it comes to your skin, a specialist may be able to give you some advice. You may have an underlying problem other than dry skin.

10Wear Gloves

Our hands can get especially dry in winter, so make sure you protect them by wearing gloves. They don’t produce as much oil as the face, so this can make them itchy and sore if you aren’t careful.


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