Healthy Snacks for School

Here is a list of healthy school snack ideas. Keep reading!

healthy snacks for school

Here is the list of healthy snacks for school. Striking a good balance between preparing healthy and tasty snacks for your kids isn’t always easy, especially since most kids tend to have a preference for sweet and salty food, which isn’t always the healthiest choice. These snack ideas are easy to prepare and are both tasty and healthy for growing kids.

1What Nutrients Are Important?

The basic nutrients that your child needs are carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and iron. Carbohydrates provide energy that they need, Protein builds, repairs, and repairs body tissue. Calcium helps your kids build strong bones and teeth, and Iron is necessary because of the growing blood volume that your kids have during growth.

2Eggs, Cheese, and Yoghurt

Hard-boiled eggs have a lot of calories as well as protein. Cheese is full of calcium and protein, and yoghurt has calcium, protein, and can provide an energy boost for your kids while still having a low-calorie count.


Another idea in healthy snacks for school is vegetables. Vegetables are always important in your child’s diet. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach have a lot of nutrients and minerals that they need such as iron. Carrots, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are also good for your child’s growth.

4Lean Meats

Lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and seafood such as shrimp or fish are high in protein and have essential nutrients such as iron and fatty acids. They are also low in fat and will be healthier for your kids compared to beef or pork.

5Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and nuts are a healthy alternative to chips or sweets. Fruits are full of fiber and vitamins. Nuts, on the other hand, are full of beneficial nutrients such as healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Nuts are also packed full of calories that your kid needs for that boost of energy.

6Mix and Match!

In order to keep your child interested in snacks, it’s best to mix and match the snacks that you give them so that they don’t get bored of eating the same food over and over again. Here are some suggestions:

  • A healthy chicken sandwich with cheese and veggies, and an apple for dessert.
  • Slices of turkey with sliced cucumber and yoghurt with nuts and fruit for dessert.
  • Tuna kebabs with tomatoes and cucumber and fresh fruit such as banana for dessert.


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