The Best Little Boy Haircuts

If you looking for the most adorable toddler hairstyles, you can read our list.

best little boy haircuts

Deciding to the best little man hairstyle can be hard sometimes. So, we have collected the most adorable toddler boy haircuts for you below. You can analyze all of these modern haircuts and choose one of them you like.

1Faux Hawk Haircut

Also called a “fohawk”, the faux hawk has been around for decades going back to the punk rock movement. This is an incredibly versatile haircut and looks adorable on any toddler.

Faux hawk resembles the iconic Mohawk hairstyle but without the commitment of cutting the hair on the side down to the skin, simply cut it down to a taper fade and leave longer hair on top.

2Flat Top Haircut

Flat top haircuts were a huge hit that never died down! A favorite of black men in the 90s, but now they are one of the best little boy haircuts because they are easy to manage.

You can cut a flat top into a box shape, with a slight fade or completely shaved sides and back. The top of the head is usually upright and looks like a flat deck. Some little dudes look awesome in different shapes, which accentuate the dramatic effect of their flat top.

3Side Part Haircut

One of the few hairstyles that have endured the test of time is the side part haircut. It goes all the way back to the 1910s (and possibly before). It is easy to style this haircut because it’s simple and looks good on most boys.

Simply create a part through his damp hair and style the hair into place. You should aim for the natural part in the hair and you can make the side part short or deep.

4Mohawk Haircut

The Mohawk is a famous hairstyle initially reserved for the rebellious, but now a favorite for little boys. They look super cute on boys and you can spike, slick or texture the hair for more effect.

Originally you had to shave the sides of your head and leave a small stripe of hair in the middle – from the center of the forehead to the back of the head. Today, a more modern twist is worn with any type of fade.

5Fringe Haircut

Getting a fringe is an instant hairstyle statement and will tame those stubborn bangs or curls.

From side-swept to a full-frontal fringe, you can add this element into many little boy haircuts by styling some hair forward and cutting it to your preferred length. Remember to keep the fringe out of his eyes so he is comfortable all day long.


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