8 Best Atolls in Maldives

Here are the 8 best atolls in Maldives.

best atolls in maldives

The Maldives is a spectacular destination with authentic bungalows and crystal clear water. This beautiful place is home to many different atolls. We have prepared a travel list that you can find the best atolls in Maldives. You should definitely visit these wonderful places during your holiday!

1Addu Atoll

Heart-shaped and home to some of the most colorful corals in the Maldives, it’s the only island you can move around and have the freedom to explore other places. It’s connected via a series of causeways so, from the Equator Village, you can cycle back and forth between the three inhabited islands.

2Vaavu Atoll

The least inhabited atoll in the Maldives, it’s made up of 19 breathtaking isles and the natural atolls of Felidhoo Atoll and the Vattaru Reef. Vaavu Atoll is one of the most preferred destinations to scuba diving and you can easily dive in this spectacular place, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver. Majestic sharks, Napoleon Wrasse fish, Manta rays and whale sharks all call it home.

3Dhaalu Atoll

The aptly named jeweler’s islands lie in the north of the atoll, Ribudhoo is known for its silversmiths and goldsmiths. The nearby Hulhudheli houses a large community of traditional silversmiths. Head to these islands to get your hands on intricately beautiful jewelry, beads, and carvings from black corals and mother-of-pearl…

4Himmafushi Atoll

Plenty of excursions are planned to visit Himmafushi. There are a lot of shops on the main street and the prices of the products sold here are quite affordable. Admire the locally made, carved rosewood manta rays, sharks and dolphins and then pick your favorite for loved ones back home.

5Maafushi Atoll

Not only is it the biggest island in the South Male Atoll but thanks to the dozens of guesthouses (note: not resorts) it boasts far lower prices by local standards. Boats will still take you on excursions and its foreigner beach is bikini friendly – it’s still paradise. Plan a trip to nearby Biyadhoo for a day of relaxing and snorkeling.

6Baa Atoll

This incredible atoll is spread over 13 islands and its entirety was listed as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve thanks to its astounding biological diversity. Plan a trip to Hanifaru Huraa, the main reason this area got its title – it’s where magnificent whale sharks and manta rays both breed.

7Haa Alifu Atoll

As there are no guesthouses, Haa Alifu is reserved for a fantastic day trip. It contains the island of Utheemu, which was the birthplace of Maldivian hero Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu. Explore the small museum and library dedicated to him before setting up camp at the gorgeous beach.

8Ari Atoll

The Maldives may be famous for them but Ari Atoll’s beaches are the ones you see plastered across brochures and people’s honeymoon albums. It’s so big it has been split into two districts, the North and South Ari Atoll. Throw in a few resident whales and hammerhead sharks and you’ve got yourself a stupendous day at the beach.


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